Lined textbox not displaying properly


I was playing around with the lined textbox yesterday, embedding it in a horizontal arrangement with an adjacent label, inside of a vertical arrangement, etc. and what I saw was that the lines were:

a) offset to the right
b) not showing at the bottom

I didn’t take a screen shot, but I’m confident I can easily reproduce this, if it isn’t a known issue. When I separated the textbox into a separate vertical arrangement, it displayed properly.

Should report things like this here, or in the issues tracker?


Can you provide screenshot?
We already have report that if TextBox is multiline ed (e.g. 20 lines), then there would be 20 underlines. However, if text goes beyond that, underlines are not drawn. Is that what you are referring to?


I’ll create a sample and upload it along with blocks; this was a multi-line textbox with a one line initial hint, but as displayed, wasn’t twenty lines in height, only 5 or 6.

Would you prefer that here, or as an “issue”?



Issues list please. Thanks


These are the bugs in the lined textbox component.