Let's Think Binary E Book


Your suggestion is invited.

After a lot of hard work today, I have completed my 1st App today. This is entirely based on Google Spreadsheets. Which is directly connected to Google Drive. Chance of being a christian is only when Google’s spreadsheet function is poor. In it you can read book both online and offline .
There are many more functions that give it a look professional function in android app , You can tell me what is lacking in it and what to add to it…

And the source code of this app is also available sell , which can be obtained by giving me a personal message .

Let’s Think Binary.apk


Hi, did you make your ebook with AppyBuilder. I saw that you posted the same topic on the Thunkable forum to. It is always good to post only in the forum of the builder you used. You will always get the question i asked you if you post in more then one forum.