Let make Appybuilder Platinum Plan . Comment your view


Dear Hossain and Pete and all the SUPER team and users of Appybuilder . I have been using this platform for last 2 years. I was very very happy . I can’t take this sudden change . I want Appybuilder to be a Paid platform like Thunkable . But fees should be $10 to $15 per month . I guess there will be more than 2000 users signed up for this Platinum Plan .
Dear , Hossain - When you asked for paypal donation , I donated , but a platform like this cannot run on Donations. It needs real subscribers . Start this , you will certainly get the money to run the platform easily . I am very loyal to Appybuilder, I guess there are many users who are sincerely dedicated to this platform . Please think again. This Kodular merge is freaking me out , I guess many of us facing same thing . Its a humble request from a dedicated user . Please write your views . SAVE APPYBUILDER .


I’m not @Hossein but I think this decision was already taken. So, let’s go to Kodular.


@Kona_Dey_Chakraborty I understand the concern. As I mentioned to you, we are migrating components to Kodular and are working on commission alternative options:


Long live the fusion to kodular !!!


I dont Like Kodular :pensive::confounded::confounded::confounded: Appsize To Much hello world apps size 5Mb


I don’t like it either, I can’t even work with Kodular blocks colors for 15 minutes without getting a headache. And their components menu keeps sliding stuff up/down/left/right to the point it causes nausea to work with it.
But that’s a decision not for us to take. There’s not a lot to choose from now. Thunkable is dead and Appybuilder is not an option anymore. The original App Inventor is great but doesn’t have all the advanced components.
Either you go with Kodular or you are mostly out of luck. Sad but that’s the truth.