Lenght of lists?


I have already 13 procedures to load labels and sounds for each lessons (screen opened with value and it load one of the lesson). I have about 50 other lessons to make
I was wondering if it is better for stability of the app if i do shorter lists (but there will be more) or less lists(but they have lots of elements)
Is it better to divise it on several screens ? (if yes how many by screen ?)
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


I can not see how you populate your lists but why not use a csv with all the information in it and load that on app startup.

It looks you have a dry problem


Thank you for your answer. I think it is better what you said but i think i am not capable to do this. I dont anderstand it is too hard for me…
If i continue like this, is it better to add screens or to put all my lists on the same screen ? Is it better to have big and less lists or short several lists ?


How is your list made up?

This is a way to populate lists i learned from pixiibomb. Maybe it can come in handy for you to.


is it possible for me ?


What does you app do? I am trying to figure out the logic.


for every lesson there are new words. Words are divided in syllabs. You can hear syllabs one by one or the entire word. A picture appears when you hear the word. There are 9 new words for each lesson and about 70 lessons, maybe more…
I have the problem for the quantity of my assets too… I don’t think i will be able to finish this…


Maybe you have to rethink it before going any further. You have a lot of assets and a lot of lessons.


yes… maybe i can reduce the number of words for each lesson, to 7 new words maybe, but it will not be nice for kids… ooo i’m tired


Take a moment of rest and then rethink it. I think you have a good app in the making. Don’t get frustrated.


for each lesson you might want to use a file and store your data as table in csv format
before starting a lesson, use the file component, read the csv file of the lesson and convert it into a list of lists using the list from csv table block…


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