Learning has no limits - My new app on playstore


Here is my app published on play

Checkout the app, your suggestions means a lot to me.


Nice job but be careful about review spam as i can easily figure out they are all biased or done by your relatives or yourself. Only do such thing if its necessary as in case your ranking fall below 3 star. Play safe and avoid app suspension. For more information please go through Google play policies before publishing your app. By the way your app is good and i hope you will add new features and content from time to time.


hi getting item not found



Same here😁 Plz Unlock It For Nepal


Well, looks like Learning HAS some limits! :joy:


It’s now available to all !! :wink:


And @Italo it was a good one ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I downloaded the app and found some issues. My phone is an Android 4.4 with a resolution of 854px X 480px.

1.-Make the main icon image yourself, especially when you are making a profit.

2.-I ran into some image scaling issues

3.-I ran into some responsive issues, i dont know if it’s my phone’s fault or somebody else has them. In the screen capture below, when i picked a lesson (regardless the topic), sometimes it opened, sometimes not, even if i clicked a bunch of times.

4.-Some lessons have a weird combination of bold and big letter sizes

5.-I dont know if the greenish squares are for separating the points in the lesson, or have different meanings

Overall, i like the design, and the user interface is intuitive, but in my opinion, it’s still an incomplete app because it doesn’t have enough content yet to compensate the amount of ads you show.


Thanks for reporting bugs. I’ll fix them in my next update.

And content of the app will be updated very soon.

But, In my phone whenever I click the topic it opened ! I wonder why it happened to you.

And the green squares are the images of the formula text which will be updated soon.