Leader Board using Firebase (For gaming and other apps)


Hey guys ,

Today im here with the Leader Board aia file. If anyone wants to create a leaderboard page in their gaming app or any other app then they can use this aia file to integrate leaderboard of player with highest score.

Some features of the .aia file / app :

  1. Developers can add any number of users in the leader board list . ( Manually)
  2. The leaderboard list updates in fractions of seconds as it is powered by firebase.
  3. Leaderboard is automatically updated whenever high score is submitted by the player.
    and many much more …

Price : paypal $ 5 or Paytm Rs. 300

Paypal link : https://www.paypal.me/hiteshkyadav
or can Paytm me : 8168010718

Sample APK : http://wweresults.in/WWE/misc/Scoreboard_firebase.apk

Here are some screenshots of the app developed by leaderboard .aia file :slight_smile:



Hi, I’m moving this to Off Topic since this is not a tutorial…


@hitesh i agree with @Ronin because this is not a tutorial. I removed the tutorial tags. You should put link to a working app so that others can play around with the app. Providing simple screenshots ate not sufficient


Im sorry and thanks for the idea @Hossein . Im going to share the sample apk too :slight_smile:


added the sample apk file too : http://wweresults.in/WWE/misc/Scoreboard_firebase.apk


Bro Please Help me …

I also Create Like this Please Share Block Screenshot its Really Helpful to me …