Lead Bolt ad Monetization Extensions


hi everyone here my new extensions Lead Bolt app Monetization Extensions .

how how use this :point_down: and more details like
how to integrate Leadbolt Video and Interstitial ads in your Android app with Google AdMob

This library helped me a lot in creating extensions.


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu i want this extension


It’s paid extension brother.
Just €10

payments details

Which want to pay with the PayPal account.

i also accept payments using Paytm
please scen this QR Code with your Paytm App to pay me INR 800 Only.


Please tell me why this extension is useful. You can set which ad network to use without your extension (such as Leadbolt) and those events are already available in the AdMob components in AppyBuilder.


admob is best .So no need this one


Now this extension has added some new properties.
From which you can avoid unwanted clicks. And you can avoid suspending admob account.




Ok send me the testing apk file. @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu


That won’t work without SDK. u try and also inform here.


you know better that admob is best


i have no faith on admob


nonno its non faith only for genuine only


can you make or suggest me who can make these for me.


I guess you have asked in enough places if someone can help you. Please stop asking.


Ok @Peter.



your gmail id or phone number please


Hello I want this extension. what i need to do for this?


Better use External ads placing sites to place ads of many other monetization channels !!


Just pay me
And pm me thats details


I paid on you for this extension at Aug.11th.
I would appreciate if you arrange it as soon as possible.


Mail for u.
Please check ur mail