Lead Bolt ad Monetization Extensions


I need this extension.


just born before 2 min .
how can u use this ???
please come on original ID


I have an app in playstore. TIGPS Notice App 2018. App is for our school noticeboard. I want to use this extension for this app.


u can but u have to buy the extension from the developer…


read this post :point_down:t2:


Hey Shivendra, have u build any Fb native ad extension? I want to buy fb native ad extension but the developer is not responding thats why i’m thinking that if you have any.


admob is best i think isnt it?


yet not
when i create this extensions , then i will publicly announcement


I want to proper leadbolt extension and adds show plz give me a paypal ID and i pay u


hello plz give me a ads demo then i am pay you:sunglasses:


yar ap hi apne chennal pe dedo leadbolt ka extension


Just pm the developer instead of flooding this topic.


Congrats Bro @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu


Good extension! And good paying ad network