Layers possibility


Hi everyone is there a possibility to add layers on appybuilder ?


Please clarify. Are you talking about layers for images?
Also, what’s your usecase / scenario?


nope, layers for components like a window overlapping others


You can use @Ken’s Anybar extension to simulate a layer that will contain any component.
Actually, is not a simulation, I guess IT IS a layer on top of the screen. Right @Ken ?


Yes, it adds a layer on top.


Thanks but i wanna know if it is possible to have it without extension, in native mode.


More information is needed.
What specific use do you have for such a feature?
Do you have an image(s) you can provide?


i searched for images but no ones lokks like i want …
I have no specific use use it’s just an idea that i have and i think it could be cool to have it.


Well, as you might have realized by now, there’s no way to do that without an extension. If that was the case I would have give that solution first.