Launch Google Maps from WebViewer


When a web viewer home URL is set to this it opens up directions and displays a “Navigae button”, when this button is clicked the user is prompted to use the app as seen in the following screen shot,

When “Use The App” button is clicked it should start google maps but instead this is passed,

Is there a way to check the web URL and if an intent is trying to be passed pass it though appybuilder activity starter??

Attached is a simple AIA file demonstrating the issue.GoogleMapsLaunch.aia (1.2 KB)

Thanks for any ideas!


Try this:
GoogleMapsLaunch_Ken.aia (9.4 KB)


This is great! You made an extension? Could you offer a download link for the extension? I’m not sure how to download it directly from the aia file?

Sorry for the delayed response, been traveling and have had unreliable access to internet


It also works with “tel:” links as well:
com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.OverrideURL.aix (8.8 KB)