"Label" for TextBox(es)



I’m constantly creating two component horizontal arrangements in order to reliably attach a “Label” component to a “Textbox”; this creates various issues*, but is mostly an annoying amount of extra work. It is clearly possible to attach a label to a component (as with the Switch and Checkbox components), so it should be easy enough to do with Textboxes. I’d be happy with a standard “Text (label): box” feature that fixes the label on the left hand side, but it would be a definite improvement if we could actually position the text to the right or left, or even above and below (less of an issue).

@Taifun Could you possibly include this in your Textbox extension? (thanks for that, by the way)

  • such as, for example, the inability of the DynamicComponent extension to dynamically create horizontal arrangements, so that when I have a sequence of textboxes arranged this way, I can’t dynamically replicate them.


that would be a nice feature, however labels and textboxes are 2 different components in Android, see also


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Yes, I see that. And, I’m guessing that at the end of the day, everything in the AI designer has to translate back into an XML layout compatible with Android’s standard feature set, so we can’t just transparently make it work that way. From what I’m reading, basically, the nested layout I’m doing is the primary option (there’s also something about relative layouts that I didn’t quite get when I scanned through it) if you want to associate text with an input box. No idea why there seems to be an implicit bias against that pairing in the Android design paradigm. :roll_eyes: It does make it, as I said, difficult to use the dynamic components extension. :slightly_frowning_face:

Do we have access to the floating label functionality mentioned below, that turns “hint text” into a floating label?