Keyboard shows up in a specific mobile phone


Hi, I moved my project from app inventor 2 to appybuilder, I’ve been fixing things but this one is giving me a hard time. In my mobile Galaxy J5 Samsung, the keyboard shows up every time I open a screen except the intro screen. This didn’t happen on app inventor, however this model gave me other problems in the past.
I’ve place a textbox in every screen and a block “hide.keyboard” in every “screen.initialize” block, but the problem persists. Can anybody help me, please?


Does the focus initially go to TextBox?
Also, I believe in KitchenSink, there is a component to hide the keyboard


Thanks for your quick answer Hossein, I placed the kitchenSink.hidesoftkeyboard in the Screen.Initialize block and it worked, though I’d rather prefer the keyboard not to show up at all.

I don’t know about the focus as you asked, but the keyboard showed up even on a screen where there wasn’t a single textbox component.


this seems to be a “feature” of your device?
which device/Android version are you using for your tests?
did you try another device?

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I made a few tests again with my 2 phones:

phone1: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Android 8.1.0 OPM1.171019.011

phone2: Samsung Galaxy J5, Android 6.0.1

I installed again my app from MIT app inventor 2 and it worked correctly for both.
When I installed my app from appybuilder my galaxy got the keyboard issues.

I dont know if it’s a feature of this mobile but I entered other apps and the keyboard didnt appear like in my app.


SORRY Hossein, where i can find the kitchensink extension…y was reading but i cant find it.


It’s a Built in Component not an Extension:



Ken, sorry, i didn’t know that. Thank you…