Keep radio play


hi I have made radio app I want know how I keep radio playing if I press back screen
so I mean when I press play and I press back screen this app keep play sound don’t stop only from when I press stop



Do you mean back button?
If you do you’ll need to use this block:


I mean when i press back from phone , u can download any app radio and try after u play abd when u press back from phone this app player u can see in up the screen keep work


See above^^^^^^^^^^^


Not this , i mean after i open my app radio and i press play this audio start play , so after this if i press back from phone this audio will stop , so i need when i press back this audio keep work


Yes, I understand.
Add the BackPressed Block…

The audio is stopping because BackPress is closing the app.


u can see this option up keep player i need same this


That is just a Media Style Notification.
It is not required to allow the audio to play in the background, It’s only used to control the media.

But you can find that here:


Thanks but can you tell me how i fix step by step
And how i can bay


Add BackPressed block and pressing back will no longer exit the app.


Have a look at my radio app.


I think there is an option called run in background for the media component. Did you tried that?