Just Amazing!


Hi AppyBuilders!
Just amazing. You have requested +1,000 app-builds in less than 48 hours!!
We hope you are enjoying AppyBuilder and hope that we can continue to bring you more updates / enhancements / features.

Keep it up and THANKS

Buildserver Info

start-time Aug 22, 2017 3:21:44 AM MSK
uptime-in-ms 175516243
vm-name OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
vm-vender Oracle Corporation
os-name Linux
count-async-build-requests 1078
rejected-async-build-requests 0
successful-async-build-requests 1051
failed-async-build-requests 26
maximum-simultaneous-build-tasks-allowed unlimited
completed-build-tasks 1078
maximum-simultaneous-build-tasks-occurred 3
active-build-tasks 0

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Hello everyone, thanks a lot for everything. But with the new update, I do not work on my appybuilder componion gold. When I clicked on, I stopped receiving the warning.“AppyBuilder Gold stopped” (Samsung note2 android 4.4.2) good evening


@Ebubekir_dogru did v3.16 work for you? If yes, you should be able to use that


Yes, V3.16 was working as it was


@Ebubekir_dogru Can you uninstall the current companion version and side-load (install) this one?


Let us know how it goes


Yes, I’ve done a lot of experimentation and it works great. thank you so much Great Hussein :slight_smile: