Joystick Extension


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comparto imagenes de la extension de joystick (18,5 KB)
Joystick.aia (217,6 KB)




keep the extensions coming… :wink:

why is the extension name itself empty?
you might want to use Joystick as extension name and Create as method name, i.e. Joystick.Create, same for the event, i.e. Joystick.GotValue
also following the naming conventions you might want to use lower case letters for x and y



si @Taifun lo se pero tenia emoción y quería compartir algo

aun no le he puesto nombre

cuando la publique corrijo eso lo siento




@Andres_Cotes great job. Looks interesting. Is that a canvas?


aqui esta la documentacion


Very cool, @Andres_Cotes, good job!


I noticed the angle is out by 90 degrees, to the right. 0 degrees is where 90 degrees would normally be.


Hola por favor puedes enviar tu captura de pantalla


hello anyone know how to connect two apps on different devices and receive joystick data by bluethoot