java.lang.SecurityException com.onesignal.OSUtils.getNetType



Android 8.0
java.lang.SecurityException :
at android.os.Parcel.readException (
at android.os.Parcel.readException (
at$Stub$Proxy.getActiveNetworkInfo (
at (
at com.onesignal.OSUtils.getNetType (
at com.onesignal.OneSignal.registerUserTask (
at com.onesignal.OneSignal.access$2300 (
at com.onesignal.OneSignal$ (
at (

What is the solution way that there is too much deadlock in this way? 130 crashes within two days


Help me please. Don’t solution


Hi @Aksoyhlc,

On AppyBuilder please do NOT mention random people in a conversation. This can lead people to not help you.

In the new what I like to call, “Hoping to be merged ASAP” for AppyBuilder which I’m working on, I’ve already planned to redo the One Signal Notification component for use of their latest SDK features. It seems as maybe something wasn’t well documented in the code to prevent this from showing up. Within a few months if my, “Hoping to be merged ASAP” update is merged, then you should see this fixed.

Thanks for using AppyBuilder and providing feedback!


I am sorry but Italo was moderator and expert, not random member :wink:


Thank you, @zoran , you said what I wanted to say.


You don’t just tag a random moderator, it doesn’t work that way.