I've got an issue (same version a month ago that worked)


thank you…
are we sure that the problem is generated by a “clock” and why not for example an “firebase” component?


you might want to think about redesigning your app…
100 clocks do not seem to be the right way to go…
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I think clock component and firebase component are not working perfectly…
I tried in a single and simple project but still same error showing…
Help Appybuilder.


Can you share it



hi! @Hossein I am facing the same problem and even though I do not have 100 clocks, the only one I have in my application is breaking my head! I hope you have a favorable response for all! Thank you.


@Appybuilder Please take a look into the possibility that it deals with no Buildserver release to accommodate changes, thanks!


once upon a time … everything worked!
(…and I’m sure Hossein will fix everything!)


Can you or someone else pm me an aia with those issues. Or make an example that shows the behaviour? There is some testing being done on a testserver at the moment.


Hossein has been working on it for two weeks, yesterday he gave me a version of my .apk that works perfectly, I think it will solve the problem for everyone soon!


Was it with some blocks change or was it changes on the server side that made it work



Too many failures
Too many uninstallations and canceled subscriptions.

I’m dead!


You’re replying and online, you seem to be healthy according to me.



what are you saying?


8 days ago i asked for a sample aia so that we could test on a testserver. Nobody responded so i guess the problems aren’t so bad.



@BukanoR did submit a .aia to test.
His is the one I shared it with @Hossein.


Ok, didn’t know that or missed it. I would have expected more aia samples since the number of posts about the problems.


I think most people’s are resolved with AlwaysFires work around…


I tried but the result was worse.
AlwaysFires no resultó para mí.


@Hossein Have you checked with Evan Patton what was the cause of this error, as they had this 6 months ago



Can you point me to the commit or post?