Its possible to have consistent earnings?


Hi! A newbie here; really, less than a newbie. Im wondering if i would go from php to android. Programming its not my principal job, but is a way to earn some more money and the same time a hobby for me.

Its posibble to earn some money programming apps with this constructor or its really a way to get started but then for getting some money you have to improve to native language?

Or, most in a most concrete way; has anyone monetized and app from here and get at least, 100, 200, 500 USD in a month?

And if do so; how many instalations/active users you have to achieve this goal (i know that isnt that simple, and you have a lot of variables, it only to know).

Sorry if im a little oxidated with my english,
Greetings From argentina!


It all depends on you, not on the platform. Since this platform has monetizing tools, the ball is on your side. You are the one who has to make a creative, easy to use interesting app. If you make a crappy app, it doesn’t matter what platform you use, it’s going to be crappy anyways.

I made an app on AppyBuilder and it’s doing in between 80 to $100 a month, mostly from India audience.
This is the app. It has 77281 total lifetime installs.


You have a nice app!
How do you manage with media? All the images are yours? Are there free source to take images? Does google any comprobation about it?

I didnt see any ad in my time using it… I dont understand how are you generating your earns


Well, that is an issue I’m dealing with right now. The app uses the same backgrounds as Facebook. Then Google decided to stop showing ads because of that. Or that’s what I understand from their statement. So right now, I’m working on the 3rd version, which has a couple of more features, better images and they are all free for commercial use.


So one important thing is to be sure to be using free stuff. Do you have any source for getting these?


Oh yes. Lesson learned. It was just for fun anyways. Luckyly I have a day job and this is just a hobby.

About the images, search for “stock photo free for commercial use”. There’s tons of websites (Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, etc.).


Hello Italo! Is it possible to find a job in a company knowing only AppBuilder? Are there any cases where someone got a job knowing only AppBuilder programming?


I really doubt it. AppyBuilder or any builder based on MIT App Inventor are basically learning tools, which kept being developed and added components over the years. And don’t get me wrong, you can make very cool apps that people will love, but on your own time. A company most likely will look at least for some certified Android Studio developer.
I would say no, it’s not possible, but you never know, may be there is such company.