It is possible to create card in offline version


Hi, i don’t see “isCard” Option in offline version, it is possible to create cards in offline version?


The offline version is not up to date with the online version.


But why appybuilder said they will keep it in sync


They are very busy with helping users, developing AppyBuilder and working their dayjob.
I think it is really not fair if you use that term. I edited your post and removed it.


@Aarav @Peter is correct. We are a small team and have our day job and trying to manage an online platform that now has +34,000 users. We are also trying to put priorities by addressing requests, issues and enhancements. Next time please consider these before posting. Thanks


Ok I understand iam sorry for my rudeness.
You are really hard working people.
But please add material design animations in the appybuilder thanx.