Is to possible to create Deep links?


Is to possible to create Deep links in appy builder



I did it before sir. But didn’t found items related


You should also explain what deep links are and why and how you want to use them. Thats also explained in the tutorial.


Imagine My app has 4 screens

Screen1------ Splash
Screen2----Some Audios
Screen3----Some Videos
Screen4----Some Readable Text

Imagine, I will share a link from screen3, if the user clicks on the link and he has already installed my app, I need the app go to Screen3 directly.

I want to know how to create it?


So you want the user to stay on screen3 if he clicks a link on screen3?


No sir.
I will share a link using the sharing button. Imagine i have shared a url to whats app.

and if the user who clicks the link already have my app installed. Now i want the user to go to ascreen3 directly after clicking that link.