Is the following code for Snack bar is correct?



I think its correct. What result do you see?


This is the output


Create a very simple app with only SnackBar and see if you still get this issue


Sure sir, will check and let you know.


The same error is coming in the new file also.


Have you tried “close application” instead of “close screen”?


Hi Ken Sir. Thanks for the reply.
I usually close the screen like this. At that time i dont need to use the close application.



I don’t believe the issue you are having is because of the SnackBar Component.
Please try this .aia:
SnackBar.aia (1.8 KB)


You need to check is open is true?!


In this i think you wont get error. Only if you check is open is true, then that error comes!


I understand now.
You are checking to see if the SnackBar “IsOpen” before it is Created.

You could do something like this for now:


Thank you Sir. Will check and now.


Ken sir, You are Fabolous. More respects to you. Why I respect you so much is you show the solutions to programmers like me.

Your code is working Perectly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to here it!

I submitted a Pull Request via Github and it was approved and merged.
What this means is after the next AB Update, this work around shouldn’t be needed.


Thanks for your assistance / contribution


What is a snakbar?? I don’t know anything about it.


In this post you see green colour notifier like thing at the bottom of the screen. that is what called as snack bar