Is offline version same as online?


Hello… i have more than one doubt… i do search on the forum… but didnt got exact answers… plz help me

  1. Is appybuilder offline have all functions that have in online version?
  2. Is there any limit on app size in offline version (like 10mb or 25 mb) ?
  3. Does offline version supports all extensions?
  4. When the online version is temporarily shutdown, can i use off line version at that time?


@Hossein can you plz help me?


@Taifun can you plz help me


Stop tagging people! And be more patient. if someone is willing to answer you he will.


Offline version is a little behind the online. Will update offline

How to increase API after 26

Does offline version supports all current extensions?


How can I get the offline version?


Download from GitHub


Thank you for your response. I have been trying to get this information for a while now. Is this for windows only? Is there a Mac version?


It works for all systems