Is listview dynamically updated?


How can we use firebase data to dynamically update listview?.


I think we can but i never tried it. Please try it and share the result to community…


The data in any component such as ListView or ListPicker can dynamically be loaded


Nope, its not getting dynamically updated from firebase.


@K_L The topic that you have listed is different than issue that you are posting.
Your topic is about dynamically updating Listview
However, your post talks about FirebaseDB component.

If the issue is about dynamically loading ListView, then create a simple project and try to load it dynamically to see results.

Also, if you encounter issues, you need to provide screenshot of your relevant blocks


Yes, finally i could dynamically load listview elements from firebase.


Now you can also easily do it using new component CloudDB.


How to do with cloudDB?


Can u share the simple block screenshot plz ??


ok . I saw your message late . i will do it.


I hope this solves your problem.


Owh… thank you so much :grinning::pray: