Is it Possible? Urgent


i m using a ListView in My App And Wnat to show A Notification in app of The Items in the list but one by one after fixed time.

Example: I Have a List With Items

and Here a notify Extension or any other notification Extension if you prefer then Tell.

Just Like Now if the user goes through “Item1” (Mean That The User Clicked it) Then After Fixed Time i Want to Show A Notification in app with Title of next Item In ListView that is “Item2”
& If the user Click on the anticacatio then i Set ListView Selection the that Topic mean “Item2”.

Please Tell If Possible!!



You want to show toast message or a notification ?


No this is not possible on AppyBuilder, Thunk-able, or Makeroid… You can try Android Studio but, I recommend staying with AppyBuilder.


same issue is here can anyone help


Tell me the exact issue that can I help…


i just said that i have a list and i wnat to send notification randomly from that list and when the notification clicked it can perform specific actions automatically


its possible i have seen and going to try in few days


No this is not possible in the AI world.


@Nathan5226 i know the way in which it can select random items from a list and then i can use it to send notification with start value box which may work for me.



I don’t really understand your questions
but I guess these 2 posts maybe can help you
check these post and extensions.


I think he basically wants to set reminders


If he just wants to set reminder then this extension can do this if he uses with timer component.


@LiveApp_Box Can it send Notification even app is not running and if yes then is it has the start value text for performing some automated actions in the app.

i thinks it can be possible by mixing these two tutorials:



try that once. IF it works as you want