Is it possible to use jar file in the CodeEditor?


I hope to use .jar file in the CodeEditor to build .aix file.
Is it possible? If so, how can I setup the jar file?
for example, where can I put “my.jar” in the following:

@SimpleObject(external = true)
@UsesLibraries(libraries = “my.jar”)
public class FoYoJar extends AndroidNonvisibleComponent {



You can’t upload your own .jar but you can use @UsesLibraries with the .jar Libraries that are included in the sources.

Keep in mind that the Libraries can only be included once or the .apk with fail to compile.
Example: I created a json extension where I included the json jar. It worked great for me in testing but once it was added to a large project, it failed to compile the .apk everytime.
Long story short the Web Component uses the json jar and if it’s included in the project there was no need to add the json .jar library to my extension.



I think he want to ask him how to add own jar file to the code editor !!!


Best Way I Think.I dont Know About Jar But If You Need to Import own Java File .Then step Are
1.Create Your Own Java In Code Editor
2.code it
3.create other java file and if you want to import other java the
4.import com.appybuilder.Your Email Adress And remove .And .Class name
i.e com.appybuilder.androking.PdfTool :blush: Hope It Work


@Hossein Can You Make Update Of Own .jar Upload In code Editor If You Dont Mind :slight_smile:


PM me with jar link please. Need to check into it.


I am sorry that the response was delayed due to the time difference with everyone’s countries.
I would like to thank all the people who discussed my question.
I understood that the current Code Editor does not have the function of uploading external jar files as in Eclipse.
I hope that Code Editor will add this function in the near future.


@yamafu Currently, this is a manual process; meaning that

  1. you put request to us asking jar to be added
  2. We evaluate request
  3. If all okay, we update code and inform you
  4. Subsequent builds will be able to utilize the new library functionalities


@Hossein Thanks again. I understand that.