Is everything ok with Sidebar?


It is not working for me!



@indian, You are a regular visitor. You should know that a phrase like “It is not working for me!” doesn’t tell much.


Hi Sir.
I have shown the entire code sir. I just want to let me know that my code is correct or not. If correct, then what should be the problem.


What doesn’t work or what do you expect?


The side bar is not opening.


I recently moved to AB platform from MIT AI2 platform and i was happy to see the “Sidebar” component. I watched some videos of how to use it and then tried my hand and first time it worked. So, i was very happy. But, as i added more blocks and changed things, in no time it stopped working. I had a tough time figuring out, what has gone wrong…

As i started debugging, following issues are observed for “Sidebar” component.

In Live Testing mode -
Sidebar works ( i don’t have any blocks now, just the Sidebar component ), when the “ScreenOrientation” property is left as “Unspecified”.
If you change it to anything else ( I have tried with “Portrait” and “Landscape” ), the Sidebar stops working. It does not open, when you slide your finger from left of the screen to right…

In App mode -
Sidebar works (i have removed all blocks, except the Sidebar component), even when the
“ScreenOrientation” property is set to “Landscape” mode.

Till this point, it was working… As i added some more componets (buttons, HA blocks, VA blocks), it stopped working even in App mode. I am doing more tests to see, in which configuration, it will work !!!


Some people knows the answers. But they just don’t like to anSwer


See the tip in this tutorial

A little tip:
If you use an arrangement or use the webviewer at 100% or fill parent the sidebar will not show. There has to be some background available. So i set the webviewer at 95% width to make it work.


Thanks for sharing that…

I did further testing and various property combination for Sidebar on the “Screen1”. Following are my observations.

  1. It does not matter, whether there is screen space or not. What matters is, whether there is screen space on the left hand side or not.

So, when my screen had “AlignHorizontal” as “Left” and “ScreenOrientation” was “Landscape”, it just did not work. Seems like, there is no screen space for the Sidebar, which works at left edge of the screen.

But, when i changed my screen to have “AlignHorizontal” as “Center” or “right”, the Sidebar started working.

  1. If you want to make “AlignHorizontal” as “Left”, you can add “Padding” in the main screen. I added a padding of value “10” and it worked. I also tested it with a padding value of “1” and it worked. So the best thing to do is add a padding of “1” and then all types of alignments in the screen arangement should work.

  2. But there is one more problem. If you open your app, which has sidebar working fine, and then off your screen, after which you switch on your screen, the Sidebar stops working. Only after you kill your app and restart it, it would start working… Something goes wrong for Sidebar, when the screen gets either switched off manually or automatically.

But, if your screen is not in the foreground, but rather in the background ( hidden by another apps screen ) and the phone screen gets switched off, then there is no problem. Switch on the screen and go to your App screen and it will start working as usual…

I hope, the following issue is going to be fixed : “when the smartphone screen goes off, either automatically or intentionally, while your app is in the foreground, and then user comes back to the screen after switching on the smart-phone-screen, Sidebar stops working”…


I am not seeing this in my projects.
Please provide a simple .aia that exhibits this issue.


I have attached the SidebarTest.aia file.

Not sure, whether my Android phone is causing this problem… Ideally, it should not… because rest of the features are working. ( Model Name : Redmi 3S, Android version : 6.0.1, MIUI version : 10.2 )

Install the apk file and launch the app and sidebar works fine. Have your app screen open and then switch off the phone screen and then turn it on… Now the sidebar in the app screen is not working !!!

SidebarTest.aia (97.3 KB)


I do not experience this on my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android OS v9.0.


Are you using a Redmi device as well?


May be it has to do with Android version or may be the phone model…

I will try it out on a different Android version with v8 or v9, when i get my hands on a latest phone. Will update…

Thanks for testing it out.


In old projects sidebar is working. In new projects it is not. I use 3 mobiles
Samsung j2
Oppo a37
HTC one m8

It is not working


It’s not working on any of your devices?

Please provide a simple .aia that exhibits this issue so I can try it on my devices.