Is Apyybuilder Display Own Ads


i have put few banner ads and one interstitial ads with time but when i open my screen suddenly a ads load…

my question is that… is appybuilder display thier own ads in application


@Shubham_Chaudhary Your issue sounds like below. You are probably displaying interstatial ad, as soon as its loaded:


i have only 1 interstitial ads and i have set it with a time 30 sec on main screen but when i open my app its sudeenly loaded why…

i do not have two interstiaial ads i have only one


You need to show your blocks. You should not use timer to display ads


i have solve that but why i should not display ads with timer… and how to display ads…


One of the reasons you shouldn’t is because it’s VERY annoying.
Interstitials should not interrupt the app. Those ads should be presented when some event like a screen change happens or the user pressing a button, etc. Basically when the user expects to see something change, and not by surprise, interrupting whatever he/she is doing at the moment.
As a personal preference, I immediately uninstall any app that shows ads randomly.


Hello Shubham I Also have the same problem Can You Please Help Me


Is this regarding timer? If yes, you should open-up a new topic


No This is Not Related To Timer… My question is that… When i open my app interestrial and rewared video ads automatically popup even we have not set an event to call them …Plzz Helpp


On July 1st, we had a release and we had re-instate a nominal 5% commission after being totally free for about 3-months. We re-instated, because we didn’t really receive any additional member-supports and we had to cover our expenses. Yes, we need to update our ToS to bring it up-to-date.

Having said above, are you seeing this in companion or .apk?

Automatic Display of Ads when App Start

I Have This issue after Generating an APK File


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