Is Appybuilder Going to be Paid version Again?


‘’ Currently, AppyBuilder is free for all users to use. However, we reserve the right to change the amount or the basis of determining, any charges or fees and to institute new charges or fees. If decision is made to do so, we will provide notice in AppyBuilder forum community HERE at least 14 days before charging any fees.’’

I saw the above lines in the Policies(guess) and I was wondering if appybuilder If going to be Paid Again? Just a little concerned so just asked.

I have a suggestion to Appybuilder About adding a Component which can be added by uses if they want to show ads for Appybuilder which bring Revenue to Appybuilder


Please see here:

Feedbacks are welcomed


Its really simple i guess. If there is no money to keep AppyBuilder running there will be no AppyBuilder. So asking people to pay isn’t that bad of an idea or for users to contribute in another way that benefits AppyBuilder or its users.

This way you can also filter out the users who are only here to take and not to give. And with giving i don’t mean just money.

Maybe you can tell something more about the licensing of AppyBuilder. Will it still be open source or will that change? Will there still be an AppyBuilder personal that can be used offline that is in sync with the online version?


I agree, @Hossein! Let’s wait some more suggestions. Would be better if you post something in announcement so that it receive more visibility…


Yes .I will agree with the new membership fee but I suggest to add more monetize components like offerwall ,perfectly working rewarded video component ,API component and background running services like in MIT inventor beta site which will bring more users to appybuilder


I saw a Way to Pay via Bitcoin so I have Different Coins like XMR and many others. So does appybuilder accept it all?