Is admob Intersitial not work on multiple screen?


Sorry if i have a lot of question… :smiley:

I have 2 my own applications build with appy builder.

the first app only use screen1 and Admob Intersitial work properly.

the second app use multiple screen and Admob Intersitial not work and doesn’t show up the ads.
I check my Ads ID are correct. and i also call is Intersitial load on block code.

is admob Intersitial not work on multiple screen?


@Aris_Mohammad_Syaifu every time you display interstitial ad, it must be loaded again and prepared for next display. Are you doing that?


I too have a problem with my ADmob ads not showing. They seem to work fine until I change my package name. Is there any way to fix this?


Package name shouldn’t really make difference.
We’ll check into that and let you know.
Does anyone have a simple app that can demonstrate this issue?


@TheDabApp_HNproducti, @Aris_Mohammad_Syaifu Just ran some tests, and all seems to be working with no problem. Please see tutorial here:


Can someone send an .aia where the change of package name in multiscreen works?

Thanks sir. I will try your method . :smiley: