IPAddressTools Extension [$100USD Crowdfunded]



Trying to get an idea of how many people would be interested in an extension with some IP Address related functions.
Let me know what you think.

SetIPTextBox - Only allows the user to type in a value of through

isPingable - Returns true is ping is successful and false if ping fails.

isValidIP - Returns true if ip = through and false if it doesn’t.

StartPing - Starts Pinging (Asynchronously aka in another thread)
StopPing - Stops Pinging
PingingOngoing - Is called after each ping is returned with response.
PingingCompleted - Is called when Pinging is completed.

You can check out a sample app here:
IPAddressTools Sample App


nice this extension .


Thanks Ken, for continuing to add contributions to this great community. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


superb … …


Added a new feature:
Interval - Is the time delay between pings. “0.2” aka 200ms is the shortest interval you can use unless the phone is rooted.


Updated link in first post.


is there a link to extention?


It’s not released yet, still in development.

I am not sure on the pricing yet either.
I was trying to figure out how many people would be interested in this functionality.


Very nice! Keep developing new features
Can it be automatic ping like -t?


You can put the number of attempts you want, from 1 to 99 or more.



Now that this extension is fully tested and the Crowdfunded concept worked so well with my TextBoxTools Extension.

This Extension took me a lot more time so I am putting it up for $100USD Total.

Once I reach my goal I will release it for free to the Community!

Note: If you have any questions, Please PM me.

Donate here:

Important: Be sure to put IPAddressTools in the notes, so I know what it’s for!


Crowdfunding concept doesn’t seem to be working out very well with this extension.

Anyone that donates $10USD or more will receive the extension right away and I will still release it to the community after I reach my goal…