"Invoke no method 'GetTagList' in java.lang.boolean"



I am using the FirebaseDB to store some values. The values are being stored correctly but when I try and retrieve them I received an error “Invoke no method ‘GetTagList’ in java.lang.boolean”. I am trying to retrieve all the tags in my firebaseDB. It was working before but after I got the error once I no longer get any data nor do I get the error anymore… little confused

I did some manual debugging and determined that the block "when [FirebaseDB].TagList is not being fired. I am calling “Call [FirebaseDB].GetTagList” in my screen initialize method.

Any thoughts/suggestions/clarifications?



Figured out the issue:

I have the FirebaseDB component on 3 Screens
I changed the value of Project Bucket on one of them without realizing
Once the Project Bucket was consistent on all 3 of the components, my data came back and all is well in the land of AppyBuilding development!



Also i am facing this Issue …they are trying to solve this problem


Glad I am not the only one… the issue came back so It must not have been for reason above…

I find that it happens when you try to get all the tags immediately after adding a new entry.

For me when I add a new item close the app and re-open there is no issue, however when I add the new item and try to view all of them…I get the error again.

Waiting a few seconds after adding an item seems to also prevent the issue