Invalid User or Password in Code Editor


Is AppyBuilder Code Editor not working?
I can’t login to Editor.
I’m getting Invalid User or Password even after resetting the password.

Any suggestions?


I’m able to login…


Maybe my email is restricted in some way to Code Editor? :man_shrugging:


@Hossein any ideas on this?


Checking. Will update shortly


I just checked and had no issues logging in


I can send you my email if you say.


@Fahad_Ahmad, try now again


I think there is an issue with your email address. PM me the email that you are using


Just PM’ed you. You can check.


Make sure you confirmed your email.
Also, reset password, maybe some invalid characters in your email??


Thank you @Hossein! Problem solved.
One last question, will AppyBuilder Code Editor be affected with the mergence of Kodular and AppyBuilder?