Introducing my new OCR API for free!



Hello there, for past 2 weeks, I have been working on my new Optical Character Recognition API called Tasks. And so, I have completed doing that! It is a completely free API, to which you can make unlimited calls. So you can no longer have limits of + you don’t need @Mika’s OCR extension anymore. Currently my API supports only languages English and German, but I will add more and more languages constantly. I just didn’t add more languages to the public API, because this is just a start.

How to use


:warning:️   Note: there is a space at the end of start string.

Donation link

I am not able to keep this API running by myself only, I need your help guys. There ain’t such thing as a free lunch, this applies to server hosting too. Every single donation is really appreciated!

Currently available language’s codes

  • eng - English language
  • deu - German language

Best regards, Ben (@moliata on GitHub)