Integrating "CloudDB" (open source project for App Inventor) into AB


It would be pretty cool to have this available in AppyBuilder. It sounds like this is intended for integration into core AI, but I haven’t found any information about it beyond a couple of papers. Do you know anything about this, @Hossein? I presume this would be a BYODB (bring your own database server) like TinyWebDB (via Google AppEngine). This would make “cloud sync” of a local database of info to the web convenient.

“CloudDB has two components — a local SQLite Database and a remote Redis server. When the device is offline all interactions with CloudDB take place with the local SQLite Database. When the device is online, data in the local SQLite database is synced with the remote Redis server. Moreover, when the device is online all interactions with CloudDB occur with the remote Redis server. Redis is a light weight data store where data is stored in the form of ke-value pairs. It supports multiple data structures ranging from strings, hashes, sets, sorted sets etc. Redis is extremely fast because it uses an in-memory dataset.”


That component is under heavy testing in MIT AI. I believe there is a planned deployment for December 20th. Hopefully that component will be there. We’ll pull it too


AWESOME. I love how almost every day, the capabilities of AI and AppyBuilder are expanding, both via core projects like this, and the awesome extensions folks are creating.

Of course, the result is an app that is eating my brain, because there’s so much I want to do with it, and can do with it, LOL.


It has been postponed until the 27th.


I should also mention that you can test the CloudDB component on


Thanks for the info @Conor.
Btw, i saw something in Joydeep Mitra’s article :

Fortunately, we found a utility library Android-Job that met all our requirements. This library uses AlarmManager, JobScheduler, GCMNetworkManager depending on the Android version. We integrated this library to run with AppInventor.

Wow, i really really hope they can use this library for backgroud service feature in App Inventor… For example to schedule a task every 15 min or per hour.


The new map component is also in test server


That is good news, @Hossein


I assume that this has been postponed to a later release, based on @Hossein’s posting to that AI Open Source Dev Forum? I’m thinking this functionality will be useful in an upcoming app, waiting eagerly for release. :slight_smile:!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/G01MXKekBrI


@Thomas_Leavitt you are correct and we are researching