Installing AppyBuilder Personal (offline version) via Git





Ha! sorry missed that. Still could be confusing to some people. Just to clarify, use the “Local IP”


I followed instructions and everything working fine.However, while uploading updated App At Play Store,I’m getting this message
The question is how to resolve this issue? How to optimize app?


This is only a warning

See also here


Thanks @dora_paz for this help!


Hi, i followed the steps and it’s ok, i also install java sdk 8. but when i click winstartfrontend and winstartbuildserver it shows nothing. and when i wrote in localhost:888 it shows warning: This site can’t be reached. I also tried my ip address local and public ip address and won’t work either. Any suggestion?


The correct port is 8888 , you should put http://localhost:8888

If nothing happens then java 8 jdk most probably isn’t properly configured .


I’ve tried to fix the path but it doesn’t fix the problem.
This is my java path:
I change the path in system variables:
I tried to check the path in cmd but this is the result:
Tried to open the localhost:8888:
and using local ip address:

Please help…


In System Variables add JAVA_HOME



In your case add in variable value C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_221

Then for the path, choose path , edit, add new , add %JAVA_HOME%\bin


Hope that helps

App not build plese help me

It works… Thanks Very Much… @dora_paz
Jazakallahu khairan wa yahdika ilaa shirathal mustaqim.


Sorry asking again,
after using appybuilder offline, the apk need process out going call permission:
and when i start the app it need to access phone call logs.
I’m using phonecall component, usually there’s no need phone call log access before.
Since i don’t need phone call log permission, how to remove it?


en el offline me da el mismo error, he desinstalado el java 8 y vuelto a instalar, tengo la variable y el path bien configurado.
El ejecutable winstarfrontend.bat me lo ejecuta bien y me deja iniciar appybuilder, cuando quiero crear el apk ejecuto winstartbuildserver.bat pero a los pocos segundos se cierra, le doy a a crear apk me da siempre ese error.
Alguna idea?Sin%20t%C3%ADtulo


how to install java JDK 8


What operating system ? Windows, Mac or Linux ?


its Windows. do we Need Java ? i installed git…


You can use Git and tortoisegit if you wish for downloading from github , JAVA 8 JDK version needed for running offline server and complile your apk . Download JAVA 8 jdk, install , set correct path and directory in system properties as shown in above pictures and you are ready


is there another way other than GitHub to download


the offline version ? No , but if you do not want to use a git client it is easy . Download zip file and then unzip it in a directory



hi all member i got this message error when i tried to open WinStartBuildServer in offline appybuilder
can any one help me4125


Try to see if this solves the problem