Installing AppyBuilder Personal (offline version) via Git


This is only a warning

See also here


Thanks @dora_paz for this help!


Hi, i followed the steps and it’s ok, i also install java sdk 8. but when i click winstartfrontend and winstartbuildserver it shows nothing. and when i wrote in localhost:888 it shows warning: This site can’t be reached. I also tried my ip address local and public ip address and won’t work either. Any suggestion?


The correct port is 8888 , you should put http://localhost:8888

If nothing happens then java 8 jdk most probably isn’t properly configured .


I’ve tried to fix the path but it doesn’t fix the problem.
This is my java path:
I change the path in system variables:
I tried to check the path in cmd but this is the result:
Tried to open the localhost:8888:
and using local ip address:

Please help…


In System Variables add JAVA_HOME



In your case add in variable value C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_221

Then for the path, choose path , edit, add new , add %JAVA_HOME%\bin


Hope that helps

App not build plese help me

It works… Thanks Very Much… @dora_paz
Jazakallahu khairan wa yahdika ilaa shirathal mustaqim.


Sorry asking again,
after using appybuilder offline, the apk need process out going call permission:
and when i start the app it need to access phone call logs.
I’m using phonecall component, usually there’s no need phone call log access before.
Since i don’t need phone call log permission, how to remove it?


en el offline me da el mismo error, he desinstalado el java 8 y vuelto a instalar, tengo la variable y el path bien configurado.
El ejecutable winstarfrontend.bat me lo ejecuta bien y me deja iniciar appybuilder, cuando quiero crear el apk ejecuto winstartbuildserver.bat pero a los pocos segundos se cierra, le doy a a crear apk me da siempre ese error.
Alguna idea?Sin%20t%C3%ADtulo


how to install java JDK 8


What operating system ? Windows, Mac or Linux ?


its Windows. do we Need Java ? i installed git…


You can use Git and tortoisegit if you wish for downloading from github , JAVA 8 JDK version needed for running offline server and complile your apk . Download JAVA 8 jdk, install , set correct path and directory in system properties as shown in above pictures and you are ready


is there another way other than GitHub to download


the offline version ? No , but if you do not want to use a git client it is easy . Download zip file and then unzip it in a directory



hi all member i got this message error when i tried to open WinStartBuildServer in offline appybuilder
can any one help me4125


Try to see if this solves the problem


you are genius ! its working thank you very much
and this is helping also to member alexis1987


Thank you for the tutorial
i had problem like many people here than everything work fine after adding java to environment variables manually


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