Installing AppyBuilder Personal (offline version) via Git


This tutorial is a work in progress!!

With these instructions you can install the AppyBuilder Personal edition on your computer. Instructions are available for Windows and Linux at the moment.

Windows instructions

Git for Windows is required in order to install and run TortoiseGit . You can download the latest version here,

In windows 10 you can download and install TortoiseGit ( .
Go to - Press Clone or Download and copy the url address
Open your file explorer and go to the folder in which you wish to download the offline version for example documents or desktop - right click and press Git clone

In the pop - up window press ok

Download will begin and when the process finishes you will have a folder named AppyBuilderPersonal which contains all files and folders. Run WinStartFrontend.bat to load frontend server , WinStartBuildServer.cmd to load your build server, open your browser and start AppyBuilder Personal using the following url localhost:8888 or computerip:8888

To get your own ip address visit

Finally if you wish to PULL latest code updates right click in the directory - choose TortoiseGit and then Pull…

In the pop-up window press ok . Since I have the latest version I received the message that my files are up to date


Ubuntu/Linux instructions

You can install GUI software to manage your Gitfolders but it is very easy from inside a terminal.

Make sure you have git installed on your system. You have to enter the following commands in a terminal.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install git

You can check which version of Git you installed with

git --version

Go to a place on your harddrive where you want to download the AppyBuilder Personal edition.

Open the folder in a terminal and type the following command in your terminal.

git clone

A folder named AppyBuilderPersonal is created which contains all files and folders.

Enter that folder with

cd AppyBuilderPersonal

and make the following files executable from inside the terminal.

sudo chmod +x
sudo chmod +x

Next execute each sh file in a separate terminal.


Wait until both servers are running.

Now you can open your browser and start AppyBuilder Personal using the following url


If you want the use the Scan QR code option of the companion you have to use your computers ip adress and then 8888. For example

To get your own ip address visit

When you want to update your AppyBuilderPersonal version to the latest version on Github you have to enter your AppyBuilderPersonal folder from inside a terminal and type

git pull

Git will check if your version is up to date and if not will download the changed files.

All your projects should be save when pulling a new version but it is always good to keep backups of your most important projects.

Mac instructions

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Appybuilder offline version issue
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Hi i want to update my app today and iam getting a message
[offline] Web component
Build Failed error now
AppyBuilder offline build failed
Is offline version same as online?
Used offline ver. Generated apk . But..admob problem

Thanks @Peter for the tutorial. Anyone volunteering for a tutorial on Windows GIT client such as tortoise GIT?

AppyBuilder status update

And the mac instructions. I think they will almost be identical to the Linux instructions.

Is offline version same as online?

Thanks for the tutorial Peter, I didn’t know about the git command, it’s good to be able to have it updated.



Edit: Instructions from @dora_paz added to the first post. Thank you.


That’s great @Peter and @dora_paz . Thank you both for tutorials


Hi! I trying to open the files but they close inmediatly.
I modified the bat to see the error message and they say that they “cant found specified route”.

My system variables focus to : C:\Program Files\Java\jre-10.0.1\bin\java.exe
I have java jre-10.0.1 could this be the problem?

Im trying to download java 8 but i have to register a lot of info (my job etc)
Is there another place to downlaid it?


@alexis1987 You need java JDK 8


Thank you very much everyone, good work for this magnificent manual, thank you.


de nada :wink:



thank you for the AppyBuilder Personal application.

I am using Debian GNU/Linux system. On it one must to execute these commands
chmod +x
chmod +x
to get execution rights on those two file ( to can run those ).

But, when one do ‘git pull’ to update the application, she or he get also a git error message about changed files, so she or he can’t ‘git pull’ before do ‘git checkout’, ‘git checkout –’ and ‘git checkout – GUIServer/WEB-INF/appengine-generated/datastore-indexes-auto.xml’.

Can this be avoided somehow?


When i do a git pull inside the folder i get a Already up to date. And i also made them executable.


I use git version 2.17.1


I use on Debian Stretch git version 2.11.0.
May be it’s time to upgrade my Debian Stretch to Debian Buster.


I don’t know if that will solve what your are getting but it is an option.


Use git fetch and let us know how it goes


When i run git fetch as a test nothing happened.


@Peter Nothing happens because your files are up to date. GIT PULL is basically fetch + merge. Since @csanyipal may have local updates (e.g. updated his script files), we don’t want the merge to occur. Let’s see what his result his


Learning everyday. I love it. :sunglasses::grin:


When I use ‘git fetch’ nothing happen, no output of the command occured.
like I said I changed the two start files so those become executables, so one can run these with commands on terminal window:
AppyBuilderPersonal$ ./
AppyBuilderPersonal$ ./