Instagram saver app


I am making an Instagram photo saver app, i don’t know which component i should use,when i click on copy link then it automatically started to download images. Please help me


please explain your problem


I am making Instagram saver app. I want such kind of insta saver app that whenever i click on “Copy link” then it automatically started to download imaged and videos. So i don’t know what components or extensions would be used for making such app.


block pict or aia file please


Nothing much in this aia i just created screen and used “switch” component. Please help me if you know how to make insta saver app.

actionbar.aia (39.6 KB)


there are some insta story saver app on YouTube. You can even get free aia from there.


Can u plz share the video or aia coz i’ve already checked out on YouTube but there isn’t such kind of video.


Video =

aia =


Thanks… bt I already watched this video but aia isn’t available in this video.


that’s why I provide you aia link now