Incremental Games vs Earning App


Cool, you’ve got a whole sprite based system. When I started making the project I’m working on, I didn’t have a clue how to use the canvas and sprites, so I was just using the pre-made buttons, and stuff. It looks like you have a much cleaner code than I do. (I’m still learning how this all works, so I tend to add in redundancies where I don’t need to, just to make sure everything works, but then I end up with no idea where the system broke down because I have to many systems doing the same thing. Rant over). I like yours. Sleek, and straight to the point. I will try and put my blocks up soon. I want to make a few changes to how I’ve been doing things, now that I’m a month in to learning, and I’ve found much better ways of doing things.


That’s the fun of learning. Looking at different ways to do it. Great that you like playing with AppyBuilder.

You can use a lot of sprites and a canvas is the ideal way to make a game like this. I made a couple of sprites and when touched they change the value in different ways. I also added a timer that starts after reaching 10000 clicks and then cookies are added automaticly. The sprites are put randomly on the screen at random times between 1 minute and 5 minutes. Never used so many clocks before. I am at 5 now.


I made a small blogpost about my Cookie Clicker. You can get the aia file there. I credited @7heD3D for the inspiration.


Excellent tutorial, explained well


@Peter How did you create all the background images?


Woah, that’s an honor. Thank you for the shoutout. If you want to know more about Clickers or get inspired by some people who’ve made impressive idle games, there’s a bunch of them on Kongregate. I started an In-Game economics thread earlier, and I am going to be adding a lecture from one of the guys who runs that site. He specifically talks about the monetization of “Clickers” and reward systems. You might be interested in it, as he also talks about the history (the past 3 years) of Clicker/Idle games. Thanks again for the mention. I appreciate that a lot.


It was an animated gif that i transformed into separate png-files. I use linux so i use the convert command for that.

convert example.gif example.png


Maybe you can add a link to the Kongregate thread to this post?


@Peter Thank you so much for sharing your aia file !! Excellent tutorial for everyone who wishes to learn


Thanks for the answer…