Incremental Games vs Earning App


I recently started a topic in the Monetization section. (Don’t worry this isn’t the same topic) I was asked if the game I was making was an earner app, by the sheer fact this is the first day I’ve been on the forum, I didn’t know that "earner app’ is a bad word around here. The words to me meant an app that earns money. How could it mean anything other than that right? Well, apparently an earner app is an app just made to put ads up. The app I am currently trying to make is a clicker game. Apparently, clicker seemed to through red flags up for everyone, as if the entire point of the game was to click on ads. So my question to you is, is there a difference between a Clicker game (also known as an Incremental game / Idle game / Grinder game, and an earner game? I think there’s a huge difference. One is a legitimate gaming genre, and the other is a “blackhat” method to make money from ads. Am I wrong for wanting to make a clicker game with AppyBuilder or was everything just a big misunderstanding? Thanks for the input.


Yes, earning apps are apps that encourage users to click for ads and doesn’t really provide any other use. Google has zero-tolerance for these apps and will unpublish and/or suspend user account. Also, Google doesn’t allow just clicking to display ads. It has to follow their policy for placing and displaying ads


Again, that’s not what an Idle game is. Look at Clicker Heroes: Google Play Store They over a million installs, they’ve been around for years now. That’s a Clicker game. It does not simply serve up ads. It, however, does have ads. So if a game is made like Clicker Heroes here, that game is nothing but the same thing as an earner game?


Got it. you may want to add your blocks to this post and continue with your question. Let’s see if others have input on this.


Okay, Here’s my original question:
I’ve been looking through the forums for an answer to this question, but I was unsuccessful in doing so. I might just not be looking in the right place. I have started making a clicker game, and I want an ad to appear after the player clicks, let us say, 500 times. I want a rewarded video or an interstitial Admob ad to play when they get to this point. I’ve been trying for two days to wrap my head around how to do this with AppyBuilder, but obviously, to no avail. Below I’ve attached a picture of how I have the Block set up. I don’t want to use the Random Integer block. I want the ad to show up regularly, every 500 clicks. As you can see in the picture, the amount of clicks is reduced by 1, as opposed to increasing, if that makes any difference. Thank you very much for any help.



This would work:


Ohhh I see what you’re doing. You’re making a global variable, and then causing that to reduce, and then when it hits zero it calls on the ad to load. Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the help guys.


More info about clicker games


I looked at cookie clicker. You can make a animated background with this

You can make the particles fly with this extensions. Used it myself


Wow, the particle creator looks amazing. I’ll have to try that out. Thank you for the information. I apologize for the earlier confusion. I guess I wasn’t explaining it correctly, and it also dawned on me that not everyone would have heard of these games, as they are currently only about 3 years old at this point. I just didn’t think I was going to have to defend myself on my very first post. lol I appreciate all the help you guys have given me since all of the confusion was cleared up.


Sorry if we sounded harsh. We have a lot of problems with earning apps so we are on high alert so to speak. :grin::sunglasses:

I like really the idea of a clicking game and AppyBuilder is very capable of making those. Maybe you can make a tutorial once you are ready. I am also looking into it.

Yes the particle creator by @Jerin_Jacob is great.


I would absolutely love to make a tutorial, that’s actually right up my alley. In fact that’s how I came to be here. I wanted to make a clicker game (I previously had been using Game Maker Studio, but things have changed a lot with that program from version 1.4 to 2, and most of my knowledge died with that change) so I wanted to learn something specifically designed for apps. That’s when I found Pixie Bombs YouTube channel, and I started trying it out. Then I hit a wall, as for some reason all the tutorial videos on YouTube are 99% in Hindi. I tried following along with what they did, but I would much rather know why they’re doing things than just copying what they’re doing. That’s a very long winded way of saying, I absolutely will make a tutorial, just as soon as I figure more of this program out.

I wrote this last night but it said that I had posted to many times. Sorry about the late reply.


I made a small project without using any extensions or other components then the basic App Inventor once.

This is how it looks. The rays of sunshine are going in opposite directions. Clicking the cookie makes it smaller and bigger . There is a shadow effect. The back ground is an animated one with a bunch of png files. So it really sparkles.

Link to the apk


Trying to create an IOS app too?


I tested it but the canvas component isn’t working as it should.


On my phone the graphics work great and smoothly.


Looks good on my phone:


That is awesome. I’m sorry for my late reply, It didn’t tell me anyone messaged on here. I’m glad that you guys are interested in Clickers now. I’ve been working on mine for one month now, and I’ve learned so so so much from this website and you guys. So thank you for that.


Can you show some images from your game?


My blocks