Incomplete Project :)


I worked on this football game for about 90 days. I got stuck when I added a defense team. The problem i encountered was the sprites started lagging. Enjoy stripping this project for parts. Its loaded with code examples! :grin:Football.aia (2.5 MB)


@creator Consider adding some screenshots of your game


Sure. Forgive me its been quite some time since I’ve used the Appybuilder so it might be a minute. I have 18 version of the application as I saved a new copy each time I developed more of the game. They could be useful as well and I may upload them or revise the most recent version.


Some Screenshots & Overview

  1. Import the project with *Offline Appybuilder
  2. Once loaded go to screen 2 and LiveTest with companion
  3. Once loaded change formations with the green arrows the press Select
  4. Next select Run or Pass Then choose a position from the menu
  5. Once a position is select Touch the screen where you want the player to run. **A second touch is required for “Passes” which will create a pass route for the position to Run
  6. Now touch select and the line will get down and Now touch Select again to hike the ball. **When passing continue to hold the second touch and drag the button to aim your pass
  7. Once your pass is aimed release the Select button from the second touch and the ball will be passed.
  8. Arrows can be used to control the player with the ball. **There are some easter eggs built into the code here :):grin:
    Enjoy both the Design and Block aspect of this project and feel free to use any part of the code in your own project as it relates!


Here is a version which will work with AB Online which almost didn’t get recorded as someone removed it from its separate postFootball15.aia (2.5 MB)
as a duplicate topic :rofl:


Careful if you go under the hood as you may get lost in the blitzkrieg of blocks and logic