Include this design components


  1. Is it possible to make isCard option for layouts into customizable option?
    I mean to say, user can customize radius, elevation etc.
    If possible please make it happen on next release.

  2. If possible please include ripple effect or ripple zoom effect (with customizable colour option) for different components like buttons, clickable labels.


use this extension…


Used…not upto my expectations.


Well maybe tell what you would like to see and maybe @Kus_Zab could help you.


Thanx @Peter. But what I wanted to say is it’s Material Design era. The isCard option while is true it gives a rounded card along with a little more elevation without customizability option. I saw KusZab’s extension. I used it. Bt in some cases the size of the components not under control using the extension. Moreover what if I do not want to use that extension. Plus the generic button component has a slight ripple effect when it is set to default. I just want appybuilder to add a little update to its generic components. I like appybuilder too much because of its flawless fluency.