In Game Economics - Best Practices?


Hi guys, are there any good tutorials, or lectures, or something of that nature about in-game economics and how to make it fair (Make Money vs. Player Enjoyment) and profitable (the actual economics portion of it). For example, I want in-game purchases of my made-up items, but I want to be fair to the Players who aren’t going to spend any money at all on the app and allow them to “grind” for the Power-Ups I have offered for them. What’s the best ratio here? Make it easier for the Player to “win” so they enjoy the game and play for longer (earning more Ad revenue… OR… make it more difficult for them to “win” so they sort-of need to buy the stuff (aka; Any King Game past level 50)? What about my made up currency? Is there a guide to making one of these fake monies work successfully? Any information or ideas or philosophies about game economics are welcome. Thanks in advance.