In-App Billing Help


please how to consume the last purchase of a given product to allow re-purchase of the item?
I don’t know how to use the right blocks.
I’ll really appreciate if i can get help by text or screenshot.
Thanks Developers


I haven’t used this Component but maybe this video will help?


I watched this video like a year ago.
The block that was supposed to show the right blocks to do, was shrinked
And i can’t see how to consume a product for re-purchase because it was not expanded


So what should i do please?


I guess we’ll need to wait for someone who has done this to answer.


I don’t know if i use this block of code.
If it will actually consume the product, or if it is to check of the product has been consumed?00%20PM
And the only way to use a block like this is by putting it in an if statement


The description sounds like it’s the block you are looking for.

That’s not 100% correct you could do something like this:


wow thanks so much i’ll try that now.