Improve Warnings functionality in Block Designer


Some suggestions:

Feature to show only blocks generating warnings
List blocks generating warnings by name
Enhancement to above: ability to click on a listed block and be taken to it in the UI designer

I mean, seriously, right now, say you have several hundred blocks in your editor, and you do something that generates a warning… you’re panning the screen up and down, trying to pick out which block has the requisite icon and is generating the problem. That’s kind of ridiculous.


Ability to show only blocks associated with a particular UI element / component

For example, I decided to replace a regular vertical arrangement with a vertical scroll arrangement. I had to manually go through all my blocks and insert the new one and remove the old one.

Enhancement: ability to substitute one block for another without having to create a new one and delete the old one, i.e. in place changes.

Example: as above, you have to create the new arrangement, manually move all the components into it, then go through and find any references (such as toggling visibility) to the old block, recreate them for the new block, then delete the old references.

Related to Layout elements:

Shouldn’t “Scroll” be a properly of a vertical or horizontal arrangement, rather than a completely separate block? Why can’t I check a box like I do on a screen to make it scollable or not?



May I recommend making a list in MIT AI forum for this post and below?

Select and Move Multiple Blocks in UI Designer


Sure. I like the forums here much better, nice formatting, clear organization, but I’ll figure it out.


Thanks for kind words. We are trying or best


I’m in the process of posting these topics to the AI Open Source Google Group / Forum. I encourage others to comment on them there as well.!forum/app-inventor-open-source-dev


As per AI coders, something of this sort is in the plans… but, this was just added 27 days ago. @Hossein - based on your experience, how far away would that be from implementation? What’s the process by which folks in the AI open source community prioritize feature development?


That would be a great feature!!!


It all depends what’s on their plate and what they see as priority. The more request the more attention :smile:


Like it, go post that you want it here:!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/XzW-uHXNSLg