Importing screens into projects not working



I’m making a multiple games app for a school project. The first game is finished so I tried to import Screen1 into the “master project” but, when it gets imported, the screen is empty in Designer and in Blocks. What can I do?


Try doing Copy Screen first and give it a name that doesn’t exist in the other project.


I think you can use small software to combine 2 project and you can copy the Screen 1 to other screen ( - you need to name the new Screen is different with other Screen in both project )

So you can combine 2 project with both Screen 1 in 2 (59.9 KB)

Can I easily copy part of project to another project?

Hi @Luis_Lezama,

Thanks for being a contributor to AppyBuilder. I am working on the what I like to call, “Hoping to be merged ASAP” update for AppyBuilder. It will include a new design, logo, new blocks, new components, and bug fixes from the local community. Over the next few weeks I’ll be paying attention to the #bug category, and I would appreciate everyone who has found a bug like this guy, to categorize it as a #bug and not #discuss.

If this bug isn’t fixed by any Staff members or other Github Contributors, I’ll hopefully have it fixed and it will be included in the “Hoping to be merged ASAP 1.0.1” update.

Thanks again!