Importing from other distributions


If you attempt to import .aia from other repositories such as MIT AI, AppyBuilder may popup a messages indicating that the project was built with newer version. It’ll still try to import and this will be just a one time message.

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And what about if you get the message and after that project doesn’t open?



@josejad All projects from MIT AI2 should be importable to AppyBuilder. Did you add any extensions?


Sorry, I was talking about a Thunkable project.
I was talking with Hossein yesterday about that.


@josejad Per our email communication, we looked into it the source that you sent us. The issue was that there are fonts that are built into app. There is simple way to remove to remove those hard-coded fonts. After that, app will be importable to AppyBuilder. Here is what we did:

  1. Open up your .aia using 7zip and kept 7zip open
  2. Dragged your screen files into an empty folder; e.g. c:\temp\emptyfolder
  3. Used notepad++ and replaced “Find in Files” (third tab) (make it point to c:\temp\emptyfolder) and replaced:
         3.1. ,“FontTypeface”:“5” with empty string – notice the beginning comma
         3.2. ,“FontTypefaceImport”:“MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf” with empty string
  4. Then dragged and dropped all screen files from c:\temp\emptyfolder back to 7zip


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Thanks, it works¡¡¡

I’d never touched the .aia files, now I know some tricks can be done there.

Thanks again


Please see my .aia files i am unable to do it.


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