Import / export keystore



Keystores contain certificate information that contains security information and is used when publishing apps to Android market:

A keystore is created when you initially create your first app. Every AI repository contains its own unique keystore. As result, if you have published an app from another repository (e.g. MIT AI), and now would like to continue with AppyBuilder, you’ll have to import keystore from MIT AI into AppyBuilder.

NOTE: Before performing any imports, create a backup of your existing keystore by exporting it. Otherwise, you may encounter issues when you try to publish apps into Android market.

The export / import can be done by selecting Projects menu, then selecting “Export keystore” or “Import keystore”

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Is this related to keystore? If not, please open new thread and provide more info. Thanks


i have app in ai2 and it already published in google play now i transfered keystore to new app in gold, but the google play refuse to uploaded due certificate different.Hint i used apptomarket the first time published in play store


Publish apps without key store or security certificate; google play still allow to opt out and so if you opt out its just fine. No need; i have published 10 apps in totatal and never used app signed with security certificate.


i did it didnt working


my app didnt upload to google console due to certificate issue, i made these steps:
1 export my keystore from ail2complete
2 import keystore in step one to appybuilder
so what is the wrong in my steps to make google console reject to update


any answer any solution