Implementing Material Cards


Well, looks like the wait is over.

Please checkout latest release notes HERE: AppyBuilder Release Notes

  • Screen: Added padding to Screen for top, left, bottom, right. Padding can be specified as single number (e.g. 5), or 4 numbers (e.g. 6,7,8,9 for top, left, bottom, right)
  • Layout Arrangements: Material Card representation. New property / block (IsCard) in Horizontal / Vertical Arrangement. If set to true, arrangement will be converted to Material Card
  • OneSignalPush: Added blocks for SubscriptionEnabled, VibrateEnabled, SoundEnabled
  • Fix messages in some non-English translations (e.g. Chinese)
  • Display an extension’s version in the help widget
  • Perofmance improvement: Prevent error checking on block during drag
  • GalleryViewer: added Thumbnail width, height in designer with default values
  • Make TitleVisible property to toggle title bar’s visibility (Credits to Ben - @moliata on GitHub)

Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions
Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions

@Italo new blocks will also be added to simplify card creation :sunny: