Implementing Amazon Ads


what message i should use? can u explain please?


I guess you are a beginner in using AB. Maybe you should do some beginnertutorials in how to use the notifier.

And by the way, saying to the developer of AppyBuilder that he doesn’t know is a first one here in the community. I guess you are the one that doesn’t know. Everybody here is helping in his free time so be patient.


no i m not beginner i m using it for 1 year i m just asking that u just tell me what should i display in message.


@Hossein had already posted what you need to do.
Stick a notifier block in there and retrieve the error, in this way you will be able to know what error you are getting.
Something like this: -



ok thanks Sir You Are great


i can understand @Peter but i was in anger that time because ad was not showing and i was trying it for couple of hours from 3pm to 4am . so thats why i said that he dont know. sorry btw.


Ok sir the notifier shows this error on screen 1 please have a look

Please hook me up @Hossein hope u will reply.thank u for patience


That message means that the ad IS working. However there is lack of ad. Possibly you are loading too many ads


ok sir i will load 2 ads wait then i will show you output


This is the full error message from Amazon:

“NO_FILL The ad request succeeded but no ads were available. Don’t retry immediately.”


Don’t retry immediately? means ads are not available on amazon? I will reduce ads one banner and one interstitial.


@Hossein @Peter @John @Rey sir still it shows this error what should i do next?


We can’t do anything about this. This is from Amazon. Possibly you are issuing too many loads.


Sir look at blocks i added one banner and one interstitial. i am contacting to amazon developer support for NO_FILL ERROR.


Is his Problem like Admob which takes some. Time to activate an ad or a new account maybe.?

I don’t know what’s happening so just asked :hugs:


i m running my amazon developer account since june 2017


hey i am having same problem amazon ads not loading


That says App ID
He’s looking for Developer ID.
I’m looking for that too.

Surely App ID identifies the App or…

Does App ID = Developer ID.