Implementing Amazon Ads


I want to add amazon ads in my app help me please and I also have my amazon developer console application key.


@Amazing_World this has been available in AppyBuilder for couple of years :slight_smile: check monetization category


yep i know but how to add ads in blocks there is no video tutorial about that


@Amazing_World we have basically tried to use same blocks as AdMob component. If you know how to use AdMob, then you know how to use Amazon ad also. Having said that, yes. We need to add documentation


yes Sir i added same as admob but nothing happened i think amazon blocks are incomplete or no one knows how to implement add amazon ads if you know then can u share your aia please?


Please don’t say it won’t work until you post screenshot of your blocks and get feedback on it


Ok I will Post with my developer console application key and blocks


You can hide your developer id :slight_smile:


Sir If you have any aia then share it here


where i can find my amazon publisher id in developer console i know only amazon application key? Is app id Is publisher id? You Know No one Knows Amazon Ads Implementation @Hossein @John @PixiiBomb @Boban_Stojmenovic


i want this because amazon ads are better than admob


Yes. You are correct. It’s application key


and where is publisher id?


That is the only key you need. In designer, for publisher id, enter that key


is application key is publisher id? look at my blocks becoz amazon interstitials are not showing look at my aia file given below.

amazon_ads.aia (2.2 KB)


looks right. There is an AdFailedToLoad block. Use that and see what error you get


Still Not Getting Ads Sir Please Help Me Its Too Late I Am Trying To Add Amazon Ads I Am Trying It Continously About 4-5 hours.It Looks like that you also don’t know.


We know :slight_smile: and we can help and give ideas. Your blocks for AdFailed is wrong. You need to add a notifier and display the error message, not re displaying the add again!


what should i show in error?? sir please help me or correct my aia or suggest me something i m doing test for about couple of hours but got no ads its now 3:26am.


Use notifier comment and sore eke message in ad failed block. This way you can debug